Camtasia captions not showing in the output video

Camtasia captions not showing issue fixed

Many of us are using Camtasia for a long time or some of us are newbies which are new in the field of video editing. Suddenly you are trying to add subtitles or caption in your videos but Camtasia captions not showing in the output video.

Don't feel bad. I have a solution for you.

This method helps many of our students and friends.

Read all the instructions below to find out how to add captions in Camtasia software.

What is Camtasia?

TechSmith developed and released Camtasia, a software application for making video tutorials and presentations immediately from a screencast.

Camtasia is easy to learn. You don't need a high cost or professional video editing expertise to make this possible. Start by using a sample or simply recording your screen and adding a few effects.

How to add captions in Camtasia videos.

Sometimes the captions we added in the video will not display in the output video. Captions are added because of language problems or if it is really necessary in your videos. I have a solution to your problem. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Open Camtasia software in your system.
  2. Now, look at the Green color "Share" option on the top right side.
    how to add subtitles in camtasia

  3. Click on Share option and select the first option "Local File".
    camtasia studio captions not showing
  4. Now choose custom production setting on the production wizard page and click next.
    camtasia studio add subtitles
  5. Choose MP4- Smart player (HTML5) and click next.
    how to add subtitles in camtasia 9

  6. Here you got smart player options. On the "Controller tab" make sure to check the tick inside "Produce video controller" box.
    camtasia captions not showing

  7. Now go to "Options" tab and select "Burned in captions" under Captions. Closed captions are captions that the user can turn ON and OFF using a button on the video player (usually a CC button).
    add captions add subtitles options burned in captions

  8. Click on Next & try to render your video again.

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Now Enjoy making videos.

Hope these easy simple steps will work for you too. Now render videos as much as you can.

If this method helps you then do comment below and tell us so we can provide better help.


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